Student Educational Program

Date: 08-10-2008 Student Educational Program

Green Belt environmental educational program involves the training of students via the specialized programs of Goulandris- Natural History Museum, followed by the tree adoption and planting by students in school yards. 

In particular, 1st and 2nd Degree students of the schools of Kifissia attend a specialized 1 hour- program at the premises of Gaia Center, during which they watch videos on the evolution of the planet from its birth up to now and afterwards they are separated in small groups and work on activity sheets in the following areas:

  • Our Land 
  • Using the Land
  • The energy challenge
  • The transportation challenge
  • The Natural Sources challenge
  • The Water challenge
  • The soil and food challenge


After the end of the theoretical part of the program, students returned to their schools for the second part of their training: the tree adoption and planting at their school yards.

This way, via the continuous care for adopted trees, Green Belt environmental program, apart from its educational dimension, achieves the continuous involvement of students in the issues of natural environment.

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