Green Belt at Kifissia – All the streets where the trees will be planted

Date: 16-7-2008 Green Belt at Kifissia – All the streets where the trees will be planted

Green Belt starts its action in our city. In cooperation with the municipality of Kifissia and under the scientific guidance of Goulandris Natural History Museum that is the greatest environmental center in Greece, and after the completion of a related study, an extended reforestation of Kifissia starts. Mr. Vassilis Xipolitas hopes that the philosophy of Green Belt becomes an everyday reality in our city. Tree planting will take place in February, just as it has to. The citizens will be enjoying the outcome of these activities without having to pay for it, because the costs will be handled by Green belt. The regions approved in consensus for tree planting to take place by the City council of the 9th of July are the following:


Kifissia Adames Region:
A) Service road of the National road. Following the informed consent of ΤΕΟ (National Road Construction Fund), the creation of a green belt along the service road aiming at the visual as well as sound isolation of the city from the national road is proposed.

B) Creation of a green belt along Potamou and D. Kyriazi streets (sideways Kifissos river).
C) Planting of the public open spaces at the streets: Service road of National road and Potamou Street, Peloponissou, Naupliou and Figalias Streets, end of Lakonias Street-along Ermionis Street.


Nea Kifissia Region:
Α) Tree planting of the public areas on the streets: Kifissou and Agravlis, Kifissou and Eyrimanthou, Ploutarchou, Deiradon and Avgis, Paradeissou and Elpidos Streets.

Kato Kifissia Region:
A) Tree planting of the public areas on the streets: Remvis and Chelidonous, End of Rhodon street, Georgiou Lyra and Fragopoulou Streets, Sikelianou and Aeolias Streets, Aghias Varvaras and Krinon Streets.

Politia and Ano Kifissia region:
Α) Creation of a green belt along the streets that have acted as the borderline to the last years fire of Penteli with fire–resistant plants (e.g. Oakes), aiming at the long term protection of the city from disasters of the same kind and, short term, at the visual isolation of the area from the remainder burnt land.

B) Planting of Pyrna stream with trees having the special properties of withholding the soil and preventing soil erosion (e.g. Willow trees). In addition, special attention will be given so as to avoid planting deciduous trees that will decrease the stream flow.  

C) Planting of the public areas: between the streets Philadelphias – Pentelis – Pileos – Skirou, Mavromichali and Sporadon, Pentelis and Methonis, Pefkon and Xenias, Eikostis Pemptis Martiou and Nestoros, along Kokkinara Street.


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