Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the sponsors of Green Belt?

The sponsors of Green Belt are the Ministry of Transports and Communications and the Non Profit Institution of Ioannis S. Latsis. 

The scientific guidance is provided by Goulandris Natural History Museum.

You may visit their websites if you follow the related banners at the bottom of our website. 


What is meant by Not for Profit Non Governmental Organization (NGO)?

Non Governmental Organization (N.G.O.) is generally defined as a not for profit peoples association, aiming at the realization of a common goal in immediate association to the community they come from.

A not for profit organization may be described as a voluntary N.G.O., when one of its major goals is the activation of volunteers and of volunteering in a particular social field (e.g. activation towards environmental issues).

However, having this description as a basis and using the legal form based on a statute, we can further classify N.G.O.s as follows into:

·         Urban, Not For Profit Associations, that are the most common form of volunteer organizations in Greece. This category also includes Green Belt organization.

·         Charity Bodies, that is the most widespread type of activation of individual initiative in the field of Social Care, i.e. Legal Entities of Private Law, associations of individuals in specific, with non profit goals, acquiring a legal entity when they are enrolled in a particular book that is property of the public sector, kept at the Court of First Instance of the city where the association is based, following the request of at least 20 individuals.

·          Charitable Institutions, which acquire their legal identity by an ex officio issue of a Presidential Decree that authorizes their establishment. 


Why do we have sponsors?

The source of the income of Green Belt is its sponsors. 

Through the sponsorships, we are able to support all our activities (tree planting, educational programs, communication etc.) 


Every when will tree planting take place?

Tree plantings will take place at regular pre-scheduled periods in every area; you will be informed by email, by phone or by message.



What can I do to help?

- For one thing you become a member of Green Belt, subscribing through the related link that is present on the webpage. 
- You can support our effort at two levels: 
1. You can recommend Green Belt to your friends, giving them the related form that is present on the webpage. 
2. You can become a volunteer for the days of the treeplanting. 

- If you wish to be further involved, you can fill in the related communication form, and we will contact you immediately!